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Reasons of failure during check rides in China.

 For many of you who long to get a position as a Captain in Peoples Republic of China most of the aspects, attitude, relationship, etc. may seem to be out of the ordinary or sometimes even hostile. Here we want to emphasize several hints in order to keep you from actions that may affect the positive decision of an airline official or CAAC inspector during the interview or check rides. 
It is common knowledge that China has a history of several thousand years and thus resulted in its own way of thinking and way of life. Cultural peculiarities are as well should be taken into consideration.  Sky Brothers has outlined what is important to do and NOT to do. 
1.      It is a recommendation to avoid any arguments with the "CAAC Examiner and Company Instructor" even if you are 100% sure that you are right and he/she is wrong. First, keep calm and listen to what he/she has to say, let him/her talk. It can be a trick to see the way you will react.  
2.      Avoid any situations where you argue with your partner (colleague, friend) in front of the "CAAC Examiner or Company Instructor", even if it is a trifle matter or nothing to do with the check. 
3.      Always listen to what the "CAAC Examiner and Company Instructor” have to say it, and don’t find excuses to your mistakes. Do not interrupt and listen to him/her, show that you are there to learn it and accept, not to teach it. 
4.      Never try to show the "CAAC Examiner or Company Instructor” that you are right and he/she is wrong! In the long run, it is you who can lose the opportunity. 
5.      Always keep in mind – if you want to pass the simulator in China you must follow exact rules that are might be beyond the art of flying the aircraft. The main reason for that is Chinese Culture - nothing personal. The CAAC Examiner and the Company Instructor cannot lose face at any time in his/her life as this is a matter of honor in Chinese Culture.
These are what seems to be trifle things