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Tianjin Airlines

Captain agency Skybrothers is looking for pilots for the position of Captain A320/A330/E190 in Tianjin Airlines.


Type of Payment Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5 Option 6 Option 7 Option 8
Work patterns 90 days of annual leave 110 days of annual leave 120 days of annual leave 130 days of annual leave 4 weeks /4 weeks 3 weeks / 3 weeks 2 weeks/
2 weeks
6 weeeks/
3 weeeks
Monthly Salary 

A330 - $22,000 A320 - $22,000  E190 – $18,333

A330 - $20,500 A320 - $20,500 E190 – $17,000 A330 - $19,700 A320 - $19,700 E190 – $16,333 A330 - $18,900 A320 - $18,900 E190 – $15,666 A330 - $14,500 A320 - $14,500 E190 - $13,000 A320 - $14,500 E190 - $13,000 A320 - $14,500 E190 - $13,000 A330 - $19,500 A320 - $19,500 E190 – $16,200
Overtime payment (per hour A330 - $300, A320 - $280, E190 – $240
Block Hours (per month) 80
Leave description Rest for not more than 14 days in 
the operating off-season month, for not more than 11 days
in the operating on-season month (January, February, June,
August) and for not more than 5 days in the simulator
training month. The interval between two vacations shall be equal to or more than 7 (seven) days.
Work for a
month and rest for
a month with the
15th day of each
month as the
boundary. Take a rest for 7 days in simulator month.
Leave of working
for 21 days and take
leave for another
21 days
Work for half a month
and rest for half
a month with
the 15th
or 16th day
of each month as the boundary
May enjoy 21 days
of leave when
working for every
42 days
  All the vacations are avalable after foreign pilot starts a flight, no vacation during ground training. 
Health Insurance  The cumulative maximum compensation on this policy amounted is RMB 12.8 million Yuan, including full amount of general outpatient fee,
single room conditions on Mainland China, full amount of general out-patient fee, outpatient psychiatric treatment, dental, physical examination,
vision screening, covering the worldwide scope except the United States (emergency medical excluded). Pilots and their spouses, children may
be insured (64 years old or below), and the premium of families shall be deducted from the pilots' salary.
Loss of License Begin to make a claim if temporary flight stoppage lasts for 3 days or more, compensation shall be made by RMB 800 Yuan / day, and in the case of permanently flight stoppage, compensation shall be made in the lump-sum basis with RMB 1.3 million Yuan (for pilots aged at 45 years or below), or RMB 1.5 million Yuan (for pilots aged more than 45 years).
Education Children of foreign pilots attend Wellington College International in Tianjin, and Party A shall bear 30% of total tuition of their children (up to
Where some foreign pilots select the remaining education institution beyond Tianjin (only limited to Mainland China), provide each pilot with the
monthly subsidy of USD 1,000.
Sick Leave (per year) 5 days
indemnification standard (per day)
А330: $850, A320: $850, E190: $800
Teacher subsidy Subsidy for route flight teacher is USD 500/month.
No base Allowance $1,000 / month
Transportation $1,000
Travel (per year) $12,000
Annual Bonus First Year - $12,000USD ; Second Year - $18,000USD; Third Year - $23,000USD
Above Third year: $23,000USD per year under new contract
Contract Renewal Bonus For the work of full 4 year or more for Airline foreign pilot can obtain $5,000 for contract renewal. 
Training Period 60% Ground Training, 80% Line Training, 100% Solo Captain
Base City Tianjin, Xian China
Tickets One-fifth discount tickets of non-reservation seats of flying domestic routes of airline network of Airline and Hainan Airlines Group.
Minimum Requirements
  • Total flight hours: 3000 hours above
  • PIC: 500 PIC hours above on A320 series
  • Ages: Under 52 years old
  • Nationality : country that has diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China
  • ATPL: Valid ICAO(Level 4 above) and B737 type ratings on license
  • Medical class: First class
  • Last fight within 12 month
  • Others: No limitation on license and no history of “flight accident and incidents and criminal records”