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China United airlines

Captain agency Skybrothers is looking for pilots for the position of Captain B737 in China United Airlines.


Type of Payment Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Work pattern


3 weeks on / 1 week off

6 weeks on / 2 weeksoff

4 weeks on/2 weeks off

6 weeks on/3 weeks off

Annual income $288,000 $247,000 $213,000
Basic salary (per month) $19,100


Block hours per year


660 570
Sick leave 10 day 8 days
Alowance for residence  $2,000  
Safety Bonus (per year)  $15,000 $13,700 $13,200
Travelling $15,000
Trasportation  $2,400 $2,000 $1,900
Contract Completion 
$30,000 upon signing second contract
Overtime payment  $350 / hour  $330 / hour $320 / hour
Insurance welfare (1) Employer's liability insurance (Additional disease medical insurance) are full purchased by Party A.
(2) Grounded insurance will be purchased according to the pilot's will. If a pilot agrees to buy, according to provisions, Party A and foreign pilot shall pay 50% of the fee respectively.

International - only be used from home residence to operating base and from operating base back to home residence.

Domestic - can only be used for purchasing China Eastern Airlines and its branch or subsidiary company tickets. 

Minimum Requirements
  • Rated Captains: 500 hours PIC time on type. Total 3000 hours time
  • Ages: Maximum age 55 for rated captain;
  • Nationality : country t hat has di plomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China
  • ATPL: Valid ICAO(Level 4 above) and B737 type ratings on license
  • Medical class: First class
  • Others: No limitation on license and no history of “fl ight accident and incidents and criminal record”