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Interview process for pilots in command in Peoples Republic of China

We all aware of the attractively high payments a Pilot in Command can have in China, let alone suitable work modes and paid leave days (or even weeks and months). You can hardly find one who have not thought of it. Many commercial pilots are considering applying and some are even in the middle of the process – interview, tests and checks – all this essential to make the dream come true.

Inner and outer obstacles.

First time the idea of applying to a Chinese airline appears, a pilot faces different reasons preventing him to act. This is normal considering the fact that he/she works a lot and:

a - have little time for learning ATPL test,

b – can hardly get a couple of days off to go to China for an interview with an airline,

с - have grave doubts that he/she will be able to pass medical check (since health requirements are really high in China)

On top of that, there are other pilots who did not pass any of the tests or checks due to different reasons, and this affects a pilot’s decision to fulfill his/her dream. One cannot ignore personal factors and circumstances, no doubt - they matters.

All this, mentioned above, can definitely put aside (or even forget) the idea of getting a contract in China. Only those who still cherish a dream, begin to act. Why indeed? A pilot can be paid twice as much or even triple for doing his job! The variety of work options allows spending more time with the family, more time for oneself.


Due to Peoples Republic of China laws and regulations, an airline cannot hire a foreign pilot directly. A pilot needs to have an Agency that can represent him/her in China. Moreover, it is the Agency that can be of great help to a pilot during an interview, tests and SIM checks. Agency is responsible for getting a pilot to be ready, encourage, and be there for him/her. A lot depends on the Agent and whether a pilot is prepared enough. A good agent is a half way to success.

Nowadays, finding a good agent is not that simple. Mostly, it is a word of mouth process. A friend tells a friend. However, is your agent good enough? How can you tell?

Everything starts when a pilot calls or emails to an agent with the application filled in for the airline he/she has already chosen. A good agent knows precisely, which airline is the best option for the pilot and can make the pilot to apply to an airline that stable, with great working environment. A good agent will tell all pros and cons working for a specific airline, the process of tests, medical check, SIM check so that a pilot will have the idea of the procedures and be less nervous and frustrated.

All details matter. For instance, dress code for medical check differs from ATPL test, different tests take place in different cities, the way SIM checks are held in Asia. In China there are different approaches to the procedures people get used to in their Homeland. Forewarned is forearmed…